I'm a Minnesota based photographer who began exploring wilderness photography as a serious hobby in my mid-twenties.  It's been with me since.  The idea of transferring a witnessed event into a definitive representation of that experience is my objective.  The natural world is the subject, and it has its own schedule, so the photographer is left running after any fleeting opportunity.  Indeed, this is the allure.

Viewing the work of modern day masters such as Jim Brandenburg, John Shaw, Galen Rowell, and Charles Campbell, I wondered how they had managed to always be in the right place at the right time, to capture such beauty rarely seen outside of paintings.  Only by studying and rigorously applying the techniques of these masters did I realize that there was no luck or coincidence.  Every step involved is a necessary part of a time tested process:  a consistent and practiced approach of researching a subject, planning a shot, anticipating the light, and making the best of every single exposure.

This methodical and flexible system ensures repeatable results and greatly increases the "lucky" shots.  The technology changes fast, but the fundamentals are constant, and I practice them on every shoot.  Using this same diligence throughout the "digital darkroom" and on into final printing completes a process that leads to exceptional results.

Recording the beauty of the natural world, with the occasional and unmistakable imprint of man, has become my passion, and I hope you enjoy my work!


       - Adam